How You Can Help

Why support us?


Everyday people are being killed or suffering serious injury because of explosive remnants of war. So help us to protect the women, men, and children of South East Asia who still live under the daily threat of explosive remnants of war (ERW). Imprint Solutions has full Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, which means any equipment/resources/funds donated can be claimed as a tax deduction by the donor.


1. Know that your help will have a lasting impact on their lives. Explosive remnants of war clearance is an absolute pre-condition for community and social-economic development: ERW prevents land from being used for farming, housing, schools, medical centres and roads, in some of South East Asia’s poorest countries. Imprint Solutions works with other non-government organisations to implement live saving projects for the future


2. Long after the conflicts in South East Asia finished, explosive remnants of war continue to devastate innocent people’s lives. They have been described as the perfect soldiers, they never need to sleep, food or drink and never need time off, they just lay in wait to kill or main their unsuspecting victims regardless of who they are. They cannot distinguish between the foot of a soldier or that of an old women or a child.


3. Children are disproportionately affected by Explosive Remnants of War. Over 40% of victims are children. And children are far more likely to die from their injuries than adults are.

4. During the Vietnam War, over 11 million kilograms of bombs were dropped on Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Of those it is estimated 30% failed to go off and are still on or in the ground in those countries.


6. It is estimated that approximately 6 million landmines are still in the ground in Cambodia. A country who’s population is only 14 million. That’s almost one landmine for every two people. 


7. 99% of each $1 you donate or fundraise is spent on life-saving programmes and projects helping women, men and children in Explosive Remnants of War affected countries.


8. Irrespective of why wars happen, innocent people should not pay the price.


9. $22.00 could fund a de-miner to clear Explosive Remnants of War for a day. So for less than the price of a meal, you can save a life, maybe many. (De-miners cost $22.00 a day to work)


10. We actively support vision for the future. Through research and development, better ways to detect, remove and destroy explosive remnants of war on land and in the river systems. Making detection and removal not only safer, but faster and more cost efficient.


11. Landmine accidents take away a family’s main income-earner, plunging communities deeper into poverty, as well as causing death, horrific injuries and lifelong psychological trauma.


12. Imprint Solutions supports Countries in meeting their obligations under the Mine Ban and Cluster Munitions Treaties, which include clearing all of their ERW affected areas.