Corporate Partnerships

Working with Imprint Solutions is more than just supporting a charity. We are a dynamic progressive organisation, which means we are flexible in our approach to working with companies. You can also claim a full tax decuction on any equipment/resources/funding you give to Imprint Solutions.

See how your company/organisation can get involved below. 


The easiest way to support Imprint Solutions in our work is by making a company donation, whether you want to fund a specific area of our work or provide general unrestricted funding.

Imprint Solutions needs to secure unrestricted funds so that we can remain responsive, progressive and flexible as an organisation. Funding secured in this way helps support the long-term goals for existing programmes, as well as enabling Imprint Solutions to develop new programmes in new areas around South East Asia.

If making a donation towards a specific country or area of our work is more appropriate for your company to align with your corporate social responsibility objectives, then please let us know and we can work with you to ensure that the most suitable project, programme or region is chosen. We will also ensure that you receive the appropriate levels of reporting on how your money is spent, so you can share it with your stakeholders. 


Gifts in kind

The donation of goods or services can also be just as valuable to Imprint Solutions as financial support.

Gift in kind support could include:

  • Venues for events; Auction prizes

  • Advertising

  • Long haul flights; cargo transport;

  • Expertise or training from your company

  • Equipment for use in one of our projects

  • Anything else to assist with our projects (we think outside the box and encourage you to do the same). 


Cause-related marketing

If you are looking to partner with a charity on a cause-related marketing promotion, then Imprint Solutions could be perfect for your company.

We are happy to work with you to forge a unique and compelling campaign, aligning your company with Imprint Solutions.



By sponsoring an Imprint Solutions event, publication or project it can be a highly beneficial way to increase brand awareness for your company and it can simultaneously highlight your support for Humanitarian Mine Action and associated projects South East Asia.


Fundraising events

Getting your employees, colleagues or friends to fundraise for Imprint Solutions is an excellent way to raise money for a worthy cause. With our help you can organise your own fundraising activities, we know you will enjoy the experience of supporting our lifesaving work.


Make us your Charity of the Year

Adopting Imprint Solutions as your company/organisations Charity of the Year can be a great opportunity for achieving Corporate Social Responsibility goals and objectives, it will provide employee development, foster team building and will generate a lot of positive public relations.

Ideas you can try are -: Casual dress days, raffles, morning teas, sponsored events, we'll provide advice and assistance, working with you wherever possible, to ensure that awareness of your support of Imprint Solutions is maximised along with the money raised. 


Matched giving

Some companies/organisations also choose to match employee contributions to charity, no matter whether they are through Workplace Giving, or other donations. The criteria under which donations can be matched varies from company to company.

It can be all, or a percentage, of the donations raised by their employees in all or only in certain circumstances (e.g. an event which involves a certain number of employees). When a company/organisation matches its employees’ contributions, employees know their charitable donations go further and that their commitment to community development is a value shared by their employer.  Also by matching the donations made by your employees you not only motivate your employees, but also make a huge difference to the lives of those living in explosive remnants of war affected communities.


Payroll giving

Offering your employees the opportunity to give through their salary to Imprint Solutions allows them to give in a tax effective and simple way. A payroll giving scheme is also simple to set up and administer and does not affect employees gross income, superannuation or fringe benefits.