Collaborate & Exchange

At Imprint Solutions we know that research and development plays a crucial role in the future of Humanitarian Mine Action. Collaboration and the exchange of information; skills and knowledge,leads to new methods of detection; clearance; destruction and recycling can be achieved, saving countless lives. 


Through innovative research and development, explosives from old bombs are now recycled and then utilized to destroy landmines and other Unexploded ordnance. “This is recycling at its best” something that was killing people is now saving lives.

  • Training aids (landmines and UXO) can be made on 3D printers from plastics to teach new de-miners and explosive ordnance disposal officers how to do their work.

  • New detection techniques are being explored so rather than using a metal detector a detector can find just landmines.

  • Safer techniques for rendering safe big bombs is being explored (meaning villages don’t have to be evacuated/damaged to destroy a bomb)

  • Aerial surveying is being conducted to identify contaminated areas before it create victims

  • New technologies to identify locations of sunken barges (large loop detection, combined with side scan sonar) are being utilised and explored;

  • Nationals are being trained and new UXO salvage dive teams are beginning river clearance

Your company or organisation can help. If you want to make a donation towards a specific area of research and development which is more aligned with your companies objectives or you want to become involved with a specific research and development project, then please let us know and we will work with you to make it happen.